Therapeutic Interventions

Problems are universal and anyone could benefit from interventions .

Everyone has problems. Some problems are big and some are small. Some are easy to solve and some are difficult. Some problems can be resolved on your own and some require the help of a professional.

Are you or a friend, a loved one, a co-worker, a student, an employee, a neighbor, or someone else suffering from an addiction, are in a turbulent relationship or in a hostile workplace? The faces of difficulties may be diverse, but the pain and suffering are collective. Bagwellness will provide humanitarian services for any of the following:

Problematic Addictions
(alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, nicotine, caffeine, gambling, chaos, porn, gambling, shopping, social media, etc.)


Problematic Relationships
(verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse; dishonesty; feuding; rivalry; and anger between lovers, spouses, friends, neighbors, parent/child, siblings, families, co-workers, classmates, etc.)


Problematic Work Atmosphere
(hostile environment, bullying, discrimination, stress, fear, etc.)




  • Interventions are arranged in a variety of private, protected and impartial settings.

  • Interventions are discreet, confidential and anonymous.

  • Interventions can be implemented and managed using various interactive methods.

Intervention Prevention Education (IPE)

Learn about strategies that can help you prevent situations that escalate to a need for interventions. Awareness, knowledge and the tools learned in IPE can help you identify red flags that are warning signs. Oftentimes, a person dismisses red flags because they are focused on other matters that disguise red flags. In some instances, a person may be in denial about the red flags they notice. How many of you have thought about a situation and said, “In hindsight, I wish I had listened to my gut feeling.”

Being able to recognize and understand red flags when they are waving in your face is a good first step to preventing problems that require interventions. Once a person recognizes and understands the red flags, they must not allow fear to stop them from taking appropriate actions. You can learn to motivate yourself to make wise choices and change circumstances that could lead to problematic conditions.  


An online or in-person IPE can be scheduled for individuals and groups.