Self-Management helps with Self-Control

Time Management helps with Stress Reduction

Self-Management strategies
 Are you…
☐ always in a hurry?
☐ not getting enough sleep?
☐ neglecting your spouse or children?
☐ eating on the run?
canceling or forgetting appointments?
☐ missing deadlines?
☐ late for work or working after hours?
☐ missing family events?
☐ postponing vacations?
☐ mentally or physically exhausted?

It is not always easy to manage all that is required on a daily basis. Life is not perfect and things happen that are beyond our control.

Managing self should not be confused with perfectionism. Sometimes you may miss deadlines, eat on the run, do not get sleep, and so on. It does not mean you are imperfect.

If you can check yes to two or more of the items listed above, you could benefit from our Self-Management services.


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We will help you learn to manage your time, which can lead to the following:


  • Your sleep improves
  • Your digestion improves
  • Your attitude improves


  • Your personal needs
  • Your family’s needs
  • Your work needs

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