HELP with Managing Your DUI and Alcohol-Related Issues

Can you afford the money and time losses associated with a DUI offense?

Do you struggle with anger issues that lead to negative consequences?

Are racing thoughts, anxiety, and insomnia keeping you awake? 


DUI: Alcohol-Impaired Driving Risks
DUI Awareness Education

An estimated 4 million U.S. adults reported driving under the influence of alcohol at least once in 2010, yielding an estimated 112 million alcohol-impaired driving episodes. Men accounted for 81 percent of these incidents.

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics


  • Do you want to learn how to prevent a DUI arrest?

  • Do you know if you are at risk for an alcohol and/or drug-related violation?

  • Do you want to learn how to avoid timely and unnecessary hassles if you are arrested for a DUI offense?

  • Do you want to learn how to save hundreds or thousands of dollars if you are arrested for an alcohol and/or drug-related offense?

  • Do you want to learn how to decrease the anguish, shame, and guilt you may feel if you are arrested for a DUI offense?

DUI education and alcohol-related awareness for individuals and groups are offered online. Alcohol dangers go beyond the liquor that causes intoxication after consumption. There are many dangerous factors that precede and follow alcohol-related offenses. During my years of educating and counseling clients after their alcohol and/or drug-related offenses, many of them said, “I wish I had known this (alcohol-related education and prevention tools) before I was arrested.” You do not have to make the same mistakes.

You will learn to understand who you are and how this could have a negative impact on your thoughts and behaviors. There is valuable and in-depth information that will help you develop and maintain a healthy balance in your life. You will learn to make changes that will improve your mental, emotional, physical, financial, relational, and occupational endeavors.


My DUI education and alcohol-related awareness counseling are based on the valuable information I used to develop my innovative 6-A Model. Details on how to utilize the 6-A Model are available in the 6-A Model of Alcohol Abuse in Offenders book and workbook. These books are valuable resources for group counseling, educational lessons in schools, jails, prisons, and workplaces. They can provide an all-inclusive treatment aimed at helping the whole person. The books are also available for families and individuals looking for a valuable self-help tool. Click on the images below to learn more.


I am ready to help you make changes in your thoughts and behaviors. You can learn to manage your substance abuse behaviors, change your thinking, and improve your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Are you ready?



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